Drag Test/Tune & Motorcycle Drags

Date(s) - May 20, 2020

Drag Race Test & Tune,

Olympic Ironworks Motorcycle Drag Series #2

Points Meet for Olympic Iron Works Drag Series

Bring your car out and see what it does in the quarter-mile!

Gates Open at 4 p.m. with cars on track until 10 p.m.

Food Concessions – Clean Permanent Restrooms – Pro Shop

Racer Info:  NHRA Tech Rules Apply…..Drivers and Crew in Restricted Area MUST Sign Waiver in Pro Shop for Wristband.  Listen to PA system or 540 AM for Racer Information

Alcohol, Drugs, Weapons and Colors are PROHIBITED.  Pacific Raceways reserves the right to search vehicles upon entering the facility and to deny admission.

More Information Available at (253) 639-5927


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