Nostalgia Race, K&D Autowerks JR #8 LOL #3

July 9, 2017 Published by

Date(s) - July 9, 2017

Spectator  $    13.00
Dragster/Roadster  $    75.00
Top Gas  $    50.00
Hot Rod 1  $    50.00
Hot Rod 2  $    50.00
Street Machine 1  $    50.00
Street Machine 2  $    50.00
Stick Shift  $    50.00
Junior Dragster  $    30.00

Gate: 7AM

Curfew: 5PM

Handan Trailer Repair Hot Rod I  – (1966 & Older vehicles) –  (9.00 – 13.99) No electronics allowed, .500 full tree, dial your own ET

Hot Rod II – (1966 & Older vehicles) – (12.00 & Slower) No electronics allowed, .500 full tree,
dial your own ET

Street Machine I – (1967 – 1979) – (9.00 – 13.99) No electronics allowed, .500 full tree, dial your own ET

Street Machine II – (1967 – 1979) – (12.00 & Slower) No electronics allowed, .500 full tree, dial your own ET

Top Gas: (1979 & Older)  – (7.00 – 11.99) Electronics allowed, .500 full tree w/crosstalk

Stick Shift:  (1979 & Older)

  1. No electronics allowed, .500 full tree, dial your own ET
  2. All cars must meet NHRA tech requirements as per ET Rules. (I.e. cars running 11.99 require a scatter shield and roll bar also belts as per NHRA rulebook.)
  3. All cars in competition must have a clutch engaged transmission.
  4. The operation of the clutch shall be a direct action of the driver’s foot. Approved dampening system will be allowed for non soft lock clutches or clutchless transmissions. No adjustment allowed by driver or crew after the burnout box and therefore must be covered if mounted inside driver’s compartment.
  5. All gear changes must be a result from direct action from the driver. Pneumatics, hydraulics shifters prohibited.
  6. Any clutch assisted automatic must be manually shifted.
  7. No timers or delay boxes allowed.
  8. Once the vehicle is in motion, nothing can affect its operation other than driver. (I.e. no throttle timers, electric shifters)
  9. No vehicle substitutions during elimination’s.
  10. All competition ladders will be run as per NHRA Sportsman procedures.
  11. Coin toss for lane choice. Whoever wins toss has the option of changing their mind and choosing the other lane if they so wish, but it must be done before crossing the blue line.
  12. Qualifying will be determined by reaction time.

Handan Trailer Repair Dragster/Roadster:

  1. DRAGSTER DEFINITION – 1969 & earlier style front engine dragster (FED). Multiple engines permitted.
  2. ROADSTERS DEFINITION – 1955 & earlier open top bodies with a full tube chassis. Examples include, but are not limited to “T” roadsters/altereds, Bantam roadsters/altereds, side and center steer Fiat Topolinos, etc. Multiple engines permitted.
  3. Computer: Prohibited.
  4. Data Recorders: Allowed
  5. Delay Boxes: Prohibited.
  6. Transbrake: Permitted; See approved NHRA transbrake buttons list.
  7. Line Lock: Permitted.
  8. Automated Shifter: Prohibited (Shifters remotely operated by the driver are acceptable)
  9. Throttle Control: Throttle must be manually operated by driver. Electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics or any other device may in no way affect the throttle operation. A dead-stop under the intake linkage or gas pedal is permitted. Throttle timers and counters are prohibited.
  10. Ignition: Stutter boxes prohibited. Starting line and “high side” rev limiters permitted. Two-steps, rev-limiters or any other rpm limiting devices, legal unto themselves but altered or installed so as to function as a down-track rpm controller is prohibited.
  11. Switches and Buttons: Must be standard mechanical connection type. Infrared lasers, retinal scan, fingerprint, light source or any other non-mechanical type switch and/or button is prohibited; Also see NHRA approved transbrake button list.
  12. Tow Vehicles: Allowed
  13. Burnouts: Allowed across starting line.
  14. Deep Staging: Allowed. However, if you choose to deep stage, you do so at your own risk. Do not write “deep” on your car. The starter is under no obligation to wait for a driver to deep stage.
  15. Courtesy Staging: Encouraged, but not mandatory.
  16. Unless specifically addressed in the Dragster/Roadster class rules, the standard Pacific Raceways rules are in effect.
  17. Two Way Radios Between Driver and Crew: Prohibited.
  18. Dial in ET range for vehicles limited to 7.51 to 10.99 seconds
  19. QUALIFYING – This will be an all-run field.  Elimination ladders will pair up cars of similar ET where possible.  A competitor must complete at least one qualifying run in order to be placed on the ladder. A complete qualifying run includes staging, taking the light, and crossing the finish line under power.
  20. LADDERS — Ladders will be provided by the tower.


*Classes of fewer than 5 cars may be combined with another class