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April 7, 2021 Published by

In driving, there are no shortcuts to mastery. . . but there is a fast track!  The starting line for becoming a ProFormance driver – a driver equipped to survive on the street and the ability to control a car in all circumstances – is the One-Day High Performance Driving Experience at ProFormance Racing School – Pacific Raceways’ on-site partner.

This course is where professional race drivers begin their journey to the checkered flag, and everyday drivers learn how to stay safe on their daily commute. Any kind of mastery starts with fundamentals, and they are all covered here.

The morning session will teach you to think faster than you drive, see more than the car in front of you, and utilize your car’s active and passive safety systems while driving with advanced skill and confidence. In the afternoon you will enjoy a total driving experience on the racetrack that uses and hones all the skills and techniques you acquired in the morning.  A qualified instructor will accompany you as you develop a richer and more finely tuned relationship with your car. Enjoy the 2.25-mile Pacific Raceways road course with your private instructor and other driving enthusiasts on track. Helmet use included.


$649.00 using your personal vehicle
$1,149.00 using a Toyota GT86 school sedan.

Comments from Past Participants:  

Every driver should take this course! It was excellent!

What a BLAST that was. Thrill of a lifetime.

Oh man, all you said was true. I loved it!

The only regret I have? Waiting this long to come out to ProFormance.
It was perfect. I loved having three stages of the course; first learning the track, then practicing, and finally mastering the road course.
Great to test the limits of the brakes in a safe structured environment.
Really fun, confidence building, and a great program to see what a car can really do.
Already recommending this program to friends!
Great program. Thank you!
A fun, tough, challenging experience. I loved it!
Absolutely the best class I have ever taken! I’ll be back, tomorrow!

What are you waiting for. Start your High-Performance driving career today.

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Thursday, May 20th

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