Frequently Asked Tech Questions

The following are some of the most common questions and tech violations we run into out at Pacific Raceways.

Credentials: Drivers must have a valid unrestricted state or government issued driver’s license, with no underage driving restrictions (i.e. supervised, provisional, etc.) or an NHRA Competition License; subject to inspection by officials at any time.

Helmet: If your car runs 13.99 or quicker you must have a helmet with a SNELL 2015 rating or newer.

Roll Bar: Mandatory in cars running 11.00 to 11.49 (including T-Tops), in convertibles running 11.00 to 13.49, and all dune-buggy type vehicles running 12.00 and slower.  See NHRA Rulebook Sec. 4A.

Fire Jackets: Required for drivers in cars running 11.49 or quicker meeting SFI spec. 3.2A/1; Drivers in cars running 9.99 and quicker must have jackets and pants, meeting SFI spec. 3.2A/5.

Master Cutoff: A master cutoff for a battery is required for any car where the battery is relocated.  Battery must be securely mounted as described in the NHRA Rulebook.

Catch Can: A catch can is required for coolant overflow. One pint (16-ounces) minimum.

NHRA Chassis Sticker and license required for cars running 9.99 or quicker or running 135 MPH or faster.

After market harmonic balancer mandatory on all cars running 10.99 or quicker (SFI spec. 18.1)

Driveshaft loop: A driveshaft loop is required on all vehicles running 13.99 or quicker and utilizing slicks; except vehicles running 11.49 or slower equipped with street tires

Protective Clothing: Full-length pants; short- or long-sleeved shirt; closed shoes; and socks.  No shorts. No tank tops. No open-toe or open-heel shoes or sandals.  Synthetic clothing not recommended

Wheels: “Spinner” style wheels or any wheel design that incorporate moveable pieces while vehicle is in motion or stationary are prohibited.

Passengers: No passengers during eliminations. Passengers permitted during time runs if the car runs slower than 14.50.


Pit Area: Go to the pit area, park and prepare your vehicles to race.  Please allow for as many people to park in the pit area as possible.  Please read all racer information you were given at the gate.  Then report to tech.

Release and Wavier of Liability Agreement Form:  This form must be signed by drivers and crew members before entering the restricted area.  You can sign the Release and Waiver of Liability Form at the white registration building, located behind grandstand B.  The restricted area starts at the front of the staging lanes and goes all the way down the track.

Tech Inspection:  Tech Inspection will be held in the staging lanes.  You will go through Tech Inspection during the 1st time trial for your class.  When you pull up to Tech make sure you have your tech card and that it is filled out legibly and signed in PEN.

Staging Lanes: Come to the staging lanes only when your class has been called and please come to your assigned lanes that have been called over the PA or listen to 540AM.  When your lane or class is next, make sure that you are ready to race.

Water box: Cars with slicks will be guided into the water by the Pacific Raceways official that is operating this area.  Only start your burnout when the Pacific Raceways official has given you the signal to start.  All burnout must done in a forward gear and moving the car forward.

Pre-Stage: Move forward until the top 2 sets of lights on the “Christmas Tree” are lit.  At this point you need to prepare as the 3 amber lights are ready to count down to green.

Staging: When your stage lights are lit, that is a signal to the starter you are ready.  The tree will then start the countdown as soon as your stage lights are lit and your competitors are too.  Your last staging motion must be in a forward direction.

When staging “Deep” do not stop your forward motion after the pre-stage light comes on.  Proceed to a deep position and be ready.  When deep staging, you must stage before your competitor stages.  The Starter will NOT wait for you to stage deep.

Race Time: If you experience any problems while making your run down the track, please pull over to the side of your lane, next to the wall and stop.  If you don’t have any problems with your run, don’t stop until you have cleared the race track.  If you “red light”, which is an automatic loss during eliminations, DO NOT slow down, this will be frowned upon by the race director and there may be consequences for this action.

Finish Line: Drive past the finish line, leave your vehicle in gear and brake.  Turn right at the first exit which you can safely negotiate the turn.  Yield the right of way to the vehicle in the right lane when exiting the track.