Racer File: Brenda Biscay

April 7, 2021 Published by

By Kimberly Cross

If you’ve been around drag racing at Pacific Raceways for any length of time, you’ll recognize our featured racers last name. She may have married into this family of racers, but it didn’t take long for racing to get in her blood!

Brenda Biscay has been racing since 1999, with her very first pass being at Pacific Raceways! She started out in Sportsman before moving up to Pro in 2008, and has since raced in Super Pro as well. Not only has she had multiple top 10 finishes, raced for the Pacific Pirates at Bracket Finals several times, but she also raced Super Street at the Northwest Nationals in both 2008 and 2012. The Biscay’s are known as Ford lovers, although some are Chevy lovers, but Brenda is a Mopar chic at heart! Her husband, Jason, converted her to the “ford side” when he bought her a 1966 Falcon 417 cubic inch small block Ford. With no power adders or trans brakes, this beauty is all motor. She now would never give up her Ford, which she states has saved her many times in a race when she took a nap on the line but that Falcon picked up the slack. As a women racer, she does enjoy beating up on the men just a little bit. But the best thing about racing is that it evens the playing field!

One year, as Brenda was racing in sportsman, the engine on her Falcon was wounded so she couldn’t race it. Her daily driver was in the shop, but she was sitting in 3rd place and didn’t want to lose her spot. Feeling out of options, she grabbed the keys to the dealer’s loaner car, and headed to the track. Pacific’s announcer, Bob Odman, had a heyday when he saw her pull up to the line in that brown minivan! Every pass Bob would laugh and call for people to watch. She went 3 rounds in the minivan and got her points!

Win or lose, Brenda will always cherish a day at the track surrounded by family and friends. She is a proud wife and mom of 3 daughters who have grown up at the track and have a passion for racing. She loves watching her girls race their 69 mustangs. Racing is in their blood, and she could not be prouder of them!

If you see Brenda around the track, or see that Falcon come up to the line; take a moment to stop and say Hi, watch, and cheer her on!! And let’s see if she can beat her best pass of 10.04 and 134.4mph!