Racer File: Ian Theofelis

March 14, 2021 Published by

We are proud to introduce you to Ian Theofelis, one of our many racers who are moving from our Jr. Dragster program to big cars this year. Ian races for Hotrods for Heroes, an organization started by Ronald Greenwood. Ian and his family are beyond grateful for Ron’s unwavering support through the years. This season, and many more to come, are dedicated to the life and legacy of this great man; he will not be forgotten. 

Ian has been racing since he was 8 years old. While at one of his dad’s races Ian saw Junior Dragsters and thought, “That’s cool. I want to do that.” So Ian and his dad went up to a young racer,Yeshua, to talk about his car and look at it; he is still close friends with that racer today. Ian has been in our Junior Program at Pacific Raceways since 2013 when he was 9 years old. Over the year’s Ian has had many wins and losses, the most memorable being the 2019 Division Champion and 2019 Western Conference Finals Champion in Tulsa, OK. While licensing for Super Comp, Ian also won the 2020 Junior Lightning Championship the same day! 

One of the things Ian loves most about racing is the friends he makes. In 2019, Pacific Raceways hosted the ET Bracket Finals and Ian had a blast hanging out with friends and meeting new racers from around the district. Ian can always be found if you look for the group of racers, especially the younger boys. Ian always makes the youngest racers feel included and enjoys cheering them on even if they don’t do their best. Ian mentors and encourages the racers younger than him, just like Yeshua did for him when he was younger. 

Ian’s goal for the 2021 season is to race his dad and beat him. We have to admit we are looking forward to this as well. This father/son duo are a joy to have at Pacific Raceways. Keep a lookout for these dueling orange dragsters out at Pacific Raceways. We can’t wait to see them flying down the track…and cheering Ian on towards his goal!