Racer File: Stacy Hesch

November 9, 2021 Published by

There are few people in this world who’s smiles can turn your day around, but this racer is one of those people. The Ticketing Staff try to learn everyone’s vehicles and always try to be the first to name whomever is coming up….well when this man comes up it’s more of a contest of who can get it out first! Although typically we are just waving him through because his tech card has already been collected by his other half, the joy this man has for racing and kindness he has towards everyone, truly makes him one of a kind.

Stacy Hesch is a staple in the motorcycle programs at Pacific. As a kid, Stacy’s dad would bring him out to the track to watch the funny cars. He remembers watching the bikes and thinking “that looks super sketchy, there’s no way I would ever do that. And now here I am and I can’t imagine doing anything else.” He has been racing for around 20 years, 15 of them at Pacific, and has 4 race bikes. They may be suzuki’s but that’s not what he calls them. He currently has Nessy, Big Booty Judy, Bare Bones, and Murder Cycle. Now which one is which, you’ll have to ask him before you stage next to him…or maybe after you race him. I mean, does anyone really want to know you’re about to race Murder Cycle?

One thing Stacy loves about racing, particularly at Pacific, is the night racing. There’s nothing like lining up under a beautiful night sky, flying down the track and seeing your side of the barrier wall lights come on! It’s something special that you can’t find at every track.

Stacy has raced for the Pacific Pirates before but this year in particular was one for the books. Stacy was runner-up in every single motorcycle race, that’s right, all THREE races! He is quick to point out that he never does it alone. He always has Angela right there with him, and the love of his family behind him. But this year, he attributes his success at ET Finals to one special good luck charm, Paul Sipe. Paul not only helped him tune up his bike but he also was up in the staging lanes cheering him on every time he ran!

When asked what is the best thing about racing, Stacy has this to say, “The best thing about racing at Pacific is the people. I have met some real friends, people who have my back at a drop of a hat. Angela and I never ask for much but when we do, we get plenty of people lending a hand.” Now that’s truly the heart of racing. It’s always great to win, but the camaraderie, the friends, the family, and the laughter is what we cherish at the end of the day.