Raceway outlines Re-Engagement to Racing and Health Protection Plan

April 24, 2020 Published by

Hello racers and track partners,

I hope this email finds you well. Our best wishes go out to those who have had to battle the coronavirus and to those who have lost their jobs or businesses due to the ensuing shutdown. These have been and continue to be tough times for many.

This is a broad email intended for all the road race groups, car clubs and others who rent Pacific Raceways; for drag racers who frequent our events; and facility partners ProFormance Racing School, PGP Motorsports Park and Smail Racing LLC.

Prior to the state announcing plans to reopen a variety of businesses, Jason Fiorito, track president, has been working with other motorsports venues around the state to message Gov. Jay Inslee regarding the industry’s ability to safely operate participant-driven events. In doing so, we will have a Health Protection Plan in place to ensure social distancing and other non-contact interactions with our racers, clubs and track partners.  Our focus is to make Pacific Raceways a safe place to come and enjoy motorsports.

As we look forward to reopening Pacific Raceways and begin the season, we are putting together a Re-Engagement to Racing Plan that will allow us to begin with participant-driven events and later in the season move into spectator events. We have been in contact with sanctioning bodies, race groups, our insurer, and others regarding changes in how we operate and what the expectations will be for those who attend our events. This is fluid and we have every expectation that it could change over time.

As part of our Health Protection Plan, these are the steps that we will take to ensure your safety.

  • Advance registration only; no at gate sales; no registration tables
  • Social distancing protocols a minimum of six feet to be observed
  • No early line outside gate; drivers to remain in vehicles if lines exist  
  • A minimum of four pit parking stalls between racers
  • Tech line separation a minimum of three car lengths
  • Drag drivers meeting to be over PA system with drivers in pit stalls; road course driver’s meeting to be outside with appropriate distancing and all drivers wearing masks
  • Drag staging lanes to have one vehicle separation and drivers to remain in cars; any crew members in staging lanes need to wear a mask
  • Grandstands are closed until further notice
  • Tower is off limits to racers and crew, only approved personnel will be permitted in the tower
  • Drag starting line restrictions include one crew only who must wear a mask with limited time in this area
  • No golf carts around the starting line or in front of Grandstand E
  • Policies will be enacted to limit the amount of time racers can stay in pits or paddock before and after events

Please be aware that we are committed to keep Pacific Raceways clean, sanitized, and safe for you. We will continually sanitize permanent restrooms and other common areas with anti-bacterial cleaner before, during and after all events. Some portable restrooms, which normally would be available, will be locked or removed. Our concessionaire will work with you on ordering food and food delivery. We have put into place internal procedures for all Raceway staff and event organizers to do a self-check that includes recording their temperatures prior to coming to work and to wear masks and gloves at all times unless they are working in self isolated areas.

As part of our Re-Engagement to Racing Plan, we will follow the direction of the governor and King County on when we can open and how many people we can have at our facility at any given time. As I mentioned, our first goal is to open for participant-driven events before having spectators added to the equation. We still have a full schedule of events planned for this year and will be looking to add back some events already missed, if possible. We will keep you updated as we move forward.

Please drop me a line if you have any questions. Like you, we are anxious to get back to racing and enjoy the sport we all love.

Take care,

John Ramsey

General Manager