Raceway Swap Meet Details

January 14, 2021 Published by

Pacific Raceways will be the place to buy and sell racecars, race parts, collector cars and trucks, hard to find automotive parts and anything auto or transportation related at the Second Annual All Motorsports Swap Meet on Saturday, March 6.

2021 Pacific Raceways Swap Meet

March 6th 9 am -5 pm

Due to the continuing Covid pandemic, all vendor spots will be outside


  • Booth Size: 20′ x 50′
  • Cost: $50 includes
    • 2 entry tickets
    • Free Parking
  • Set up
    • March 5 Fri. 12 pm – 7 pm
    • March 6 Sat 7 am – 9 am


  • Date: March 6th, 9 am – 5 pm
  • Location: Pacific Raceways
    (31001 144th Ave SE, Kent, WA 98042)
  • Continue to follow face-covering & Social distancing protocol
  • Free Parking
  • Admission $15 per person

All vendor spots will be 20 feet wide by 50 feet long, which is sized large enough to fit most trucks and trailers.  Vendors will be able to set-up beginning Friday, March 5 at 12 noon until 7pm and then again on Saturday morning from 7am to 9am.

Buyers will be allowed into the facility beginning at 9am until 5pm.

All vendor spots are $50.  Vendors receive two passes per spot and free inside parking.  Buyer admission is only $15.  There will be a limited number of inside VIP parking for buyers.

Vendors can sign up electronically for a space reservation here or by calling the Raceway office Monday, Wednesday, or Friday from 9am to 4pm at (253) 639-5927.

Due to the continuing Covid pandemic, all vendor spots will be outside.  Vendors and buyers will be required to wear masks and social distance.  As one of the few locations in the state to host a vehicle swap meet this winter, Pacific Raceways will use its large pro pit/paddock area and, if needed, the drag bowl and other paved locations to handle vendor turnout.