Where a Dream Became a Reality: A 40-Year History with Pacific Raceways

February 28, 2021 Published by
Don Kitch Jr. teaching race students in 1995 at ProFormance Racing School.

What does a professional race car driver do when his racing career is over? For Don Kitch Jr. and his wife Donna it is to take the skills learned from years behind the wheel and develop a business fueled by a passion for motorsports and a four-decade relationship with The Place to Race.  Read the full story here.

In the life of all race car drivers there comes a day when it’s time to grow up and get a real job. Most drivers use the skills they have developed in and out of the car, the reputation and relationships they have established to transition to academia in the driving industry.  This Don Kitch Jr. and his wife Donna Porada-Kitch accomplished in 1994 in the creation of ProFormance Racing School, The High Performance and Competition Driving School based at Pacific Raceways in Kent, WA.  Donna’s passion for cars and racing combined with her career as a master educator, administrative and people skills made for a perfect business partnership.

Don has had a 40-year relationship with Pacific Raceways starting his amateur racing career there in 1981. Don and Donna were very active in the local car club community holding many officer positions.  In 1992, Don transitioned from amateur to the professional level of racing joining the IMSA series campaigning production-based cars, GT and Prototype. Additionally, Don managed several professional racing teams nationally, was a color commentator for local and national TV networks, and provided race driver coaching at both amateur and professional levels.

In the early years and while Don was still racing, activity at the school was limited to less than 10 days a year.  Twenty-seven years later, ProFormance conducts over 80 days a year of varied curriculums from High Performance Driving, Advanced Car Control and Street Survival Skills Clinics, Law Enforcement Work, Teen Driver Programs, New Car Buyer Clinics, Television Commercials, and Automobile Manufacturer Programs, Competition Driver Development and Race Licensing.  However, the school’s specialty caters to the true car enthusiast who simply want to come out and enjoy their car on a racetrack and develop skills in high performance “Sport Driving.”

ProFormance Racing School staff with Toyota 86 race cars.

As ProFormance looks to the future and the new development of Pacific Raceways, Don and Donna share continued passion and energy for the school and the experience it provides for the driving enthusiast. 

Learn more about ProFormance at www.ProFormanceRacingSchool.com.